Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) techniques are not new, but in the past few years, the term has been rejuvenated and is widely used in the industry. However, the techniques that the industry can benefit from, particularly at the moment, are about so much more than off-site practices that have grabbed industry attention. 

Whilst we operate through unanticipated project delays and health & safety procedures are under increased scrutiny, now is the time for the industry to unlock the manifold aspects of MMC and prioritise investment to achieve better project outcomes. We surveyed the views of the contractor market in September 2020, and 65% of respondents said that they would look to incorporate MMC in their projects going forward as a result of the pandemic. Here we introduce the variety of types of MMC approaches and their benefits.

We evidence the savings achieved through the adoption of MMC on a complex hospital build completed in 2020. A time and motion study has been conducted to produce valuable data, demonstrating to the industry the tangible savings that can be realised. We explain in this insight why MMC could accelerate productivity levels across the construction industry, providing lower cost and greater quality to deliver vital projects on time, particularly given the current socio-economic backdrop. 

The proportion of homes built using MMC over the next 10 years will rise from roughly 8% today to around 20%.

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James Garner
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