‘I’ve been training a bit however perhaps not as much as I should have!’

Gleeds Director in Tunbridge Wells, Richard Hine, is a Gleeds Global Challenge Charity Champion. The event he has helped organise a 24-hour non-stop static cycle starting at 5:15pm on Thursday 24th September running through to 5:15pm on Friday 25th September.

Did somebody ask you to organise the event?

Not really, I just knew it would be me - I like this sort of thing, I enjoy helping out with fundraising events in my personal time. I can also be very persuasive and persistent, which can be handy when it comes to fundraising!

Has it been difficult?

Getting people motivated has been probably the biggest challenge so far, and also getting sponsorship. Some people in the office have fundraised before, but for most of them it has been the first time.

How did you come up with the idea?

We mooted a few ideas in the pub one day, but none of them worked for the whole office. Some people wanted to jump out of a plane, others proposed cycling on the road. We even had someone suggest a truck pull! We gave the cycling quite a bit of thought, but soon realised we would need too many bikes in one day. Finding a manageable route for novice cyclists also proved difficult, so we settled on static exercise bikes in the office.

It seems more inclusive and a bit easier to organise.

We’ll be using a total of 6 exercise bikes on the day, though we set ourselves the challenge of only be using 4 at a time. If we used the same bike for 24 hours non-stop we’re told we would burn it out!

It sounds intense!

We’re hoping to get everyone in the office involved. I thought the overnight slots would be hardest to fill, but there’s been a surprising amount of interest in them!

We’ll have 4 teams competing against one another – of course it’s the taking part, not the winning that counts!

Will everybody cycle for the same amount of time?

Some people in the office cycle regularly, so they will probably end up doing around 2 hours straight, but we think the majority of people will be cycling as hard as they can for half an hour. There might be some that only do 10 minutes, however we hope everyone will give it a go.

What about you?

I’m aiming for an hour a few times, albeit not too close together! I’ve been going to the gym especially - and I don’t enjoy the gym at all!

And all that effort to raise money for the Hospice in the Weald.

They’re a well-known local charity and we worked with them for about 15 years now, so it was a bit of a no-brainer for us.

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Julian Barlow
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